What Is Kisan Vikas Patra 2019 (KVP) ? Benefits of Kisan Vikas Patra

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Kisan Vikas Patra 2019 is one of the most important schemes started by the government in order to felicitate small savings. The benefit of a high interest rate can be obtained under this scheme. That is the main reason it is one of the greatest opportunities in the investment sector. This scheme was first introduced in 1988 but due to some reasons, it was abolished in the year 2011. And restarted in the year 2014 under which till now, any citizen of the country can claim its benefits.

What Is Kisan Vikas Patra 2019 (KVP) ? Benefits of Kisan Vikas Patra

This scheme is particularly beneficial for people living in rural and small-town areas of the country. If you also want to get information about Kisan Vikas Patra, and you are planning for investing in KVP, so today we will give you full information about Kisan Vikas Patra through this article. This information is definitely going to be useful for you somewhere in your life.

So, what exactly is Kisan Vikas Patra 2019 –

Before getting information about Kisan Vikas Patra, it is very important to know this. What is KVP? Speaking in simple language, the KVP is a type of government bond. That is the same as other investment letters. By paying the cost of these certificates, you can deposit your money with the government. The amount of money you deposited in these certificates with the government, The government returns it to you after a fixed period as 2 times the money you initially deposited.

Kisan Vikas Patra 2019 (KVP) –

At present, the KVP is available for 1000, 5000, 10000 and 50000 rupees. You can buy KVP of any cost according to your investment potential and convenience. Under this plan, you can invest at least rupee 1000. And as soon as you complete the locking period. Your money doubles.

The biggest advantage of KVP 2019 is that you can also purchase KVP for children below 18 years of age. By which you can secure the future of your children. On the basis of this scheme of government, Kisan Vikas Patra can be purchased from various banks and post offices of the country. From April 1, 2016, National Savings Certificate and KVP can also be purchased as a digital form. Before that, you could buy it only as a printed certificate. Although there are so many such banks or post offices that are not connected to core banking. They are still allowed to issue printed certificates.

Types of Kisan Vikas Patra –

If you want to invest in this scheme, you need to know about various types of KVP:-

There are Three types of Kisan Vikas Patra have been prepared for the convenience of the citizens by the Government of India

Single Holder Type Certificate Kisan Vikas Patra –

Single KVP can be bought on behalf of a mature person for himself. Or that person can also buy for a minor. On maturity, the holder of the KVP gets its price. Before the maturity, if the holder of the KVP dies, then legally its benefit is provided to its nominee.

Joint A Type Kisan Vikas Patra –

Joint Type KVP can be bought jointly by two adult persons. The value of its value on maturity is provided equally to both the persons holding the KVP. If one of the holders dies, then the amount of his share is transferred to the other living holder.

Joint B Type Kisan Vikas Patra –

Joint-B type KVP can also be bought jointly by two adult persons. But the benefit of this development letter is given to the main KVP holder after maturity. Who will be the main KVP holder? This beneficiary is fixed at the time of buying the KVP. The condition of not being the main Kisan Vikas Patra holder, the other person can get the money.

Do you also want to apply for this scheme? Hers is the eligibility criteria –

Kisan Vikas Patra 2019 can be obtained in the amount of money –

KVP can be purchased from 1000 to 50000. Any beneficiary can buy KVP of 1000, 10000, 5000, 50000 on its convenience.

Can we withdraw money from the KVP?

Under a Kisan Vikas Patra, you can withdraw the principal after a set time. You cannot withdraw money from the date of purchase of Krishi Vikas Patra to 2.30 years. After 2.30 years, you can withdraw your principal money. However, after deducting the original fund, your interest rate will definitely decrease.

Documents Required To Purchase Kisan Vikas Patra –

Are you eligible for this investment scheme? Here are all the official documents you will require to go any further –

  • Two passport size photographs
  • Identity certificate such as ration card, voter ID card, passport, driving license, etc.
  • Proof of the address like electricity bill, telephone bill, bank passbook, Aadhar card, etc.
  • If you are thinking of investing rupees 50000 or more, you will also need a PAN card.

The Benefits of Kisan Vikas Patra –

There are countless benefits of this investment scheme, out of which some of the most important are mentioned below:

  • The current interest rate of KVP is 8.70%.
  • After 100 months, the amount invested in your KVP will double.
  • You can transfer your KVP to any other person too.
  • You can purchase KVP for 1000, 5000, 10000 and 50000.
  • KVP 2019 is a government-run scheme. Therefore, the money invested in this scheme is absolutely safe for you. And you get the full guarantee of the return.
  • You can withdraw your principal from KVP.
  • Transfer Kisan Vikas Patra from one city to another post office or another from one city to another.

Rules of Kisan Vikas Patra 2019 –

Some rules have been made by the government to prevent misuse of Kisan Vikas Patra.

  • If you want to invest more than Rs 50000 in the KVP, you must also deposit PAN card with all the documents.
  • With this scheme, if you want to invest up to 10 lakhs, you have to submit proof of income from all your sources.

Understand the value chain of KVP 2019 –

As mentioned above, you can buy Kisan Vikas Patra of 1,000, 5000, 10000 and 50000 denominations. Here you can understand the KVP of these value classes as a note in simple language. Suppose you want to buy Kisan Vikas Patra for one lakh rupees. So you can buy 1000 – 1000 KVP. You can buy 20 KVPs of 5000-5000. And or else you can buy two KVP of 50000 – ₹ 50000. Along with this, you can also purchase a KVP of Rs. 1000,5000,10000.50000 in mixed form.

Tax exemption facility on investing in Kisan Vikas Patra –

Whatever you invest in the KVP. You do not get Tax Benefits under section 80C. Simultaneously, the full amount of money deposited in the KVP and the interest earned on it is also taxable income. Therefore, you will have to file the amount received in the form of interest under the Income Tax Return. And whatever interest it will make. Tax will be calculated according to the income tax slab. Here you get a facility. That does not remove your TDS. Rather you have to calculate and fill your tax.

Keep in mind when purchasing a KVP –

If you want to invest in the KVP, it would be better to invest in the Kisan Vikas Patra of different denominations. Suppose you want to invest 100,000 and you buy 2 KVP of 50000. And sometimes you suddenly need ₹ 30000. So you have to break the KVP of one ₹ 50000. But if you take ₹ 10000-10000 KVP, you can fulfill your need by crushing the 3 KVP. This way you are not in loss. And you can get a good interest in investment.

So, guys, this was all the info you need in order to invest under this scheme. If you find this information useful, share it with your friends and family. And if you have any doubts or queries related to the same, you can reach out to us via the comment box below.

Thank You!!

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