Top 5 Online Dating Apps for Indian – 2019 | Best Dating App In India

यह पोस्ट आप इस भाषा में भी पढ़ सकतें हैं - हिन्दी (Hindi)

Social media sites and apps are working to bring people closer every day. Staying away from family alone and single people are also using these sites and apps a lot. Especially in India, the trend of dating sites and dating app has increased rapidly. People overcome their loneliness by installing the app. People whose partners are away from them in some cities or separated after divorce are also involved in using them. Users of such apps are not more than 40 years of age. Many are active in this world by hiding their real identity and revealing virtual identity to something else. Because now on many apps, sign up can also be done by just entering mobile or phone number.

Top 5 Indian Dating Apps In Hindi | Best Dating App In India 2019

Top 5 Online Dating Apps for Indian – 2019

You will not believe that India is among the top-5 countries in terms of using online dating apps. Its turnover has reached 62 million US dollars. In this list, the US is at the top, while China is in second place. Many dating apps are being used at the moment – like Tinder, Tanton, Azar, Bumble, Badoo, 121over40sdating, friend next, Hinge, Jaumo, et cetera. Today we will talk about India’s top 5 dating apps. In this post, you will get information about similar apps.

Some of these are profile-based apps, and some are location-based. There is not much hassle of verification in some apps, and the verification is a mess in some apps. Let’s know about these apps. These apps work on android and ios operating system.

#1. Tinder – Best Dating App In India –

At this time, among the dating apps which are popular in India, Tinder is the first to talk about them. The Tinder dating service was launched seven years ago in 2012. Right now, it is available in 13 languages. The user base of this dating app is overgrowing. It asks you to use facebook to sign up, and two months ago, in August, it also provided the facility of registration by giving a phone number. It is estimated that 1 billion swipes occur every day. The basic tinder app creates a basic profile covering your interest. Then he uses this data to show you a profile with a similar interest.

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Suppose you do not want to use your Facebook account to sign up, you can still create your profile. Yes, you can create a new account by entering your mobile number. If you like someone’s profile, you can swipe right, and in case you don’t like the profile, you have the option of left swipe. If two people like each other on tinder, then the match is made and you get a chance to chat with each other. Tinder is a full look based app. Profile details don’t matter because you swipe the profile right or left only by looking at the photos.

If your account is free, then you can swipe a limited number of profiles around your location in a day. If you want to do an unlimited swipe, then tinder provides you a premium package for that. There is also an option to change the location. Besides, you also have the option to see who likes you. Tinder has added some more exciting features to make it better. For example, if you do not want to open your real name, then one can use another name.

#2. Woo – Dating App In India –

Woo is a dating app that focuses mostly on well-educated professionals. Its users are primarily people above the age of 40 years. It provides the facility of voice intro, tag search, question-answer, and direct messaging. As such, you can find people with similar interests like you through tag search. Even this app gives facility to voice calls. This way is safe for girls, as she can avail voice calls without sharing her number. Also, the app never shares the name, number, or location of a woman. You can like or dislike any profile by swipe the profile left or right. If both people like each other’s profile, then the match is made. After the match, both can talk to each other.

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But the problem is that a limit has been set for how many profiles you can check every day. One way of this has been found through woo plus. By subscribing, you can access all profiles. Even those whose profile you could not access. Along with this, it can also be checked who has checked your profile. You can also unlock the woo globe with the subscription. That is, you will have the facility to check the profile around the world. It is also making matches.

#3. Truly Madly – Dating Apps In India –

It is also a great dating app. This app is used a little less by people than tinder because it performs profile verification work with some seriousness. Before seeking any profile live, it asks for an identity proof document. When your profile goes live, it starts showing your matching profile. It also displays a trust score based on the things you verify. The higher the score, the more reliable the profile is considered. In this too, like tinder, any profile can be liked or disliked. Chatting can be started if the next person also likes you in return.

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Overall, it is also an app like tinder, but its verification is a bit strict, so there is no chance of a fake profile match on this app. This is a plus point that no one can take a screenshot of your photo nor download it, so your photographs are also safe. But because this app is less popular than tinder, it has fewer match and date options. Despite this, the base of its users is also growing continuously.

#4. Happn – Dating Apps In India –

Happn currently has over 70 million users. It is a location-based dating app. It works on android, ios, and windows. It uses a feed of the location of users’ phones. It has a different matching concept. It allows you to find people whom you have met and wish to meet again. If you like someone, you can check whether it is on Happn or not. If you see his profile, then you can send him like in a confidential way. If the next person also sends you as you can talk among themselves.

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This way, this app is not based on photos only. You can meet a favorite person after the first appearance, but also have the courage to talk in person. By applying many images, you can create a basic profile of your own. But to see someone suddenly and then get a chance to date makes this app different and interesting. You can continue through facebook account or by giving phone numbers.

#5. OkCupid – Dating Apps In India –

Let us know that OkCupid is an American online dating agency. It is also called OKC. It is one such international dating service. It is available in 113 countries of the world with the tag line ‘FIND MY KIND.’ It was launched 15 years ago in 2004. It is also a very old dating service, which is still running for the user. Its Alexa ranking was 1110 this March. This app asks so many questions so that you can get related matches quickly. These queries are made localized for Indian users. You can also use the search section based on certain search filters to find someone like you.

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For example, if both people have the same answers to questions, then it shows that two people have the same interest. Their match can happen quickly. They can chat with each other like each other, and the matter moves forward. Many times, through these dating apps, people are also able to find a partner of their choice. This app, like TrulyMadly app, takes users’ safety and privacy seriously. You can hide your profile from anyone or block it if you don’t like it. This app has its special team, which continually reviews and flags users. On this basis, it is easy to decide.

Best Dating Apps in India –

So friends, many more dating apps like this are used by people for dating. These dating apps have made finding and matching people of similar interest extremely easy. Let us tell you that, especially in the big cities of India, dating apps are being used very much. Both young men and women are ahead in using these apps. But the number of youths is more than that of young women.

However, in small cities, they are still taking time to spread their legs fully. People’s life is revolving around facebook, whatsapp. Also, people are slowly becoming familiar with twitter, instagram. In such a situation, it will take time to reach people like dating app like tinder. The day is not far when these apps will also catch people from small towns. However, many older people call these apps a threat while talking about pushing the culture. The number of parents is much higher among such people. He is also voicing his opposition to these dating sites and apps, but his resistance against personal freedom of the people is being denied.

The use of tinder is becoming more because it is profile-based. By not going too deep, people like and dislike each other based on the available photos and make their match based on their choice. If many things go ahead, then they start showing interest in a new profile. On some sites, only your virtual profile is visible, in which case your time pass without danger. Girls use them more. Overall, whether it is good or bad, the youth of the country are becoming crazy about dating apps. People are also attracted to them through ads.

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